Our Menu





Fritters on Skewers / Island Satay / Greek Salt and Pepper Calamari / Middle Eastern Trip Dip Pitta Bread


Satay / Chinese Fried Springroll / Firefly House Sandwich / Mexican Tortilla Wrap / Fresh Island Mixed Fruits Pancake / French Fries



Malaysian Hot Wok

Kunang-Kunang Fried Rice / Seafood Salad Fried Rice / Penang Char Kuey Teow / Mamak Mee



Rendang Tokcu



Malay Curry / Coconut & Tumeric Gravy / Gulai / Green Curry


Asian House Salads

Mango Mantis Prawn / Roasted Beef / Fish Skewers


Western Touch

Alang’s Beef Burger / Seafood Aglio Olio / Mixed Grill Platter


Angel Hair mee hoon / Flat Noodles Kuey Teow / Mix Vegetable


Sweet Black Glutinous Rice with Santan / Banana Fritters / Fresh Tropical Fruits Platter / Ice Cream




Chinese Fried Springrolls / Fritters / Fried Tofu / Asian Fried Bean Sprouts



Stir-fry Vegetable Sauté / Mixed Vegetables Soup with a choice of noodles / Vegetable Fried Noodles / Vegetable Fried Rice / Vegetable Curry with Rice

Chef Zaid


At the age of just 29 the Malaysian born Chef Zaid is now the head chef for our restaurant and has been embracing the spatula for nearly 16 years. A charming display of creativity while maintaining the authenticity of the Malay cuisine at Pohon Beringin. Displaying a stunning diversity of traditionally genuine and modern Malaysian and international dishes.


Chef Zaid began his career in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and continuous sharpening his skills throughout his time at hotels on the Malaysian peninsular before his appointment as the executive chef at Pohon Beringin at Kunang-Kunang Heritage Villas, Langkawi Malaysia.


Immerse yourself with the finest of the Malay cuisine right here in the pearl of Malaysia that is



Opening Hours

Everyday: 8:00 - 22:00

*During low season i.e Ramadan period depending on the day the restaurant will close at 18:00

(call ahead to make sure we are open for the day).

Pohon Beringin Restaurant


We specialize in Malay cuisine serving up traditional dishes that were passed down through generations; specialty dishes such as the meat from local buffalo rendang that is usually eaten during Eid (Raya) is available all year round for our guests. The restaurant has an existing seating for 30pax and can be increased to 80 for special occasions. We also have roughly 45 individual dishes including a verity of international and vegetarian options. A series of delicious fresh fruit juices, slushies, and Milkshakes are available for those cold and sweet cravings.